Hugging Face Integration Now Available on Mantium

We are thrilled to announce our Hugging Face integration is now live on the Mantium platform. This integration will give Mantium users several benefits, including access to around 48K AI Models while enabling even easier creation of AI with out-of-the-box models available. Let’s dive into the many benefits Mantium users…

August 10, 2022  ·   3 min read

Build a WhatsApp Chatbot with Mantium & Twilio

In this tutorial, we will build a WhatsApp chatbot powered by AI, capable of conversational question and answering (QA). This type of chatbot is a generative chatbot, in contrast to the more common retrieval based chatbot. To create the WhatsApp bot, we will use Mantium’s Python library, Twilio WhatsApp API,…

April 7, 2022  ·   15 min read

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