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Mantium: Streamlining Data Integration for Vector Databases and AI Applications

As a developer or AI enthusiast, you understand that effectively accessing, manipulating, and utilizing data is crucial for creating efficient AI applications. One of the challenges faced in this process is integrating data from multiple SaaS products into a single vector database, such as Pinecone, for further analysis and processing.…

March 24, 2023  ·   4 min read

Vector Databases vs. Graph Databases: A Comprehensive Comparison

This article compares vector databases vs. graph databases. You will learn why you should use any of the databases, their specific use cases, and examples. Mantium is the fastest way to achieve step one in the AI pipeline with automated, synced data preparation that gets your data cleaned and ready…

March 10, 2023  ·   10 min read

The critical role of data in AI and ML initiatives

Critical data needed for AI initiatives is lacking. Over the past few years, data has exploded, but getting the correct data is difficult. AI and ML are the most disruptive technology of our lifetime.  According to IDC’s AI Strategies View 2021 Survey— AI disrupters report a 39% improvement in customer…

December 16, 2022  ·   3 min read

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