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Combining datasets

See how easy it is to combine different types of data into one data that’s ready to query. Sign up now

Build a custom application from a CSV file

This end-to-end demo will walk you through uploading a CSV file, creating a dataset, applying transformations to that dataset, and finally, creating an application that you can query with ChatGPT. Sign up now

Transform your data

Once your data is in a dataset, you can choose from a variety of transformations. From basic editing like deleting or combining columns to more complex transforms like prompt writing and summarization, transforms take your base data source and create a dataset that is near limitless. Sign up now

Upload a CSV file

A simple drag and drop will get your data into the Mantium platform and ready for use. Sign up now

Creating a custom dataset

Once you’ve uploaded your CSV, you can create a custom dataset to get it ready for transforms and usage in your custom application. Sign up now

Installing the Mantium plugin for ChatGPT

In this quick video we’ll show you how easy it is to install the Mantium plugin for ChatGPT and start interacting with your data. Sign up now

Getting Started with Mantium

Create a ChatGPT app in five simple steps Choose a template Select a connector Authenticate Add a name and description Deploy Like what you see? Sign up now