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Overcoming ChatGPT Limitations with ChatGPT Plugins & Mantium

Overcoming ChatGPT Limitations with ChatGPT Plugins & Mantium This article explores how ChatGPT plugins, particularly through the use of Mantium, enhance the AI’s functionality by overcoming its inherent limitations, such as knowledge cutoffs, lack of real-time data access, and personalization, thereby enhancing its versatility and value in diverse applications. Mantium…

May 19, 2023  ·   8 min read

The Power of OpenAI Plugins: Transforming AI Capabilities

Overview Ryan Sevey, Mantium’s CEO & Co-founder, wrote an article on Medium about how plugins will transform AI. OpenAI plugins, such as Retriever plugins, have revolutionized the functionality of AI systems, enabling a wider range of tasks and unlocking immense potential. The ability to chain multiple knowledge sources together exemplifies…

May 15, 2023  ·   1 min read

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