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Your data is secure. Now it’s time to interact with it.

All of your data is safe, secure, and a question away with Mantium Chat.


Get quick answers, create content, or conduct in depth analysis using your own data. The possibilities are endless.

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Topical channels

Each channel is hooked up to a specific, permission-based dataset called a knowledge vault.

Chat history

Pick up where you left, whether that was minutes or months ago. Or delete your history to keep it fresh.

Supporting content

Wonder where an answer came from? Review supporting content to uncover the source.

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Your data’s security is our prime focus, upheld by SOC 2 Type II Certification and an unwavering commitment to privacy, availability, and processing integrity, ensuring safe and easy interactions.

Knowledge Vaults

Select who views what without compromising on privacy, efficiency, or productivity.
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With guardrails – you decide what Mantium can and can’t talk about so it stays on topic and out of unrelated issues.
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Search and scan vector databases for sensitive information with Chirps, our open source web application.
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Data Management

Using a no code experience, Mantium makes it easy to get the most out of your data.

We take care of transforming your data so that you’re pulling from an accurate, enriched sources of content. With our connectors, you can keep your data up to date and fresh with effortless importing and syncing. And finally, we support any AI provider – including self-hosted models – using out powerful API.

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Data Pipelines

Build complex data pipelines in minutes with our no code, easy-to-use solution.
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Get the most out of your data by enriching, adding context, content, and more.
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Effortlessly import and sync your data so that it’s always up to date.
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AI Providers

Mantium supports any AI provider that provides API access including proprietary and self-hosted models.
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Chat with your data today.