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Improving Technical Documentation Experience with Mantium & ChatGPT

This article discusses the challenges of navigating technical documentation and the limitations of using ChatGPT. It introduces Mantium’s data integration platform that enhances the accuracy and relevance of responses by importing and transforming data from sources like, improving the technical documentation experience and developer education. Mantium makes it easy…

June 16, 2023  ·   5 min read

Leveraging Mantium’s Data Source Connectors to Unlock ChatGPT’s & ChatGPT Plugin’s Potential

Image generated with Adobe Firefly In this article, we explore the limitations of ChatGPT and how Mantium’s data source connectors overcome these challenges. ChatGPT faces issues with data access and handling domain-specific queries. Mantium’s connectors integrate various platforms and file types, enabling ChatGPT to access real-time data from sources like…

May 29, 2023  ·   8 min read

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