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The best way to create retrieval plugins for ChatGPT

Streamline your data enrichment and integration process with Mantium’s powerful features.

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The AI Pipeline

Discover how Mantium simplifies the process of creating retrieval plugins for ChatGPT, empowering you to get the most out of your data with ease and security.

Manual Plugin Development
Mantium Fully Managed Plugins

Upload files of any format

With Mantium, you can upload a wide variety of file formats, including text documents, audio, and video files. Our platform automatically extracts and enriches the data, making it ready for integration with ChatGPT.

Secure SaaS data integration

Mantium enables secure connections to your SaaS data sources, automatically bringing in and enriching the data with features like summarization, keyword extraction, and Named Entity Recognition (NER).

Any easier way

Mantium has your back when it comes to building and deploy ChatGPT plugins.

Automated Pipelines to VectorDBs

Our platform offers automated pipelines for transferring enriched data to the vector database of your choice. Save time and effort with seamless data integration powered by Mantium.

Mantium plugin deployment

Mantium simplifies the plugin deployment process by hosting the infrastructure for you. Focus on your core business objectives while we manage the technical aspects of your ChatGPT plugins.

Logging and security

Mantium prioritizes security and transparency. Our platform keeps a record of who accesses the plugin and provides user authentication controls, ensuring that your data remains safe and secure.

No code / low code

Mantium’s user-friendly interface caters to both technical and non-technical users. With no-code and low-code options, our platform makes it easy for anyone to create powerful retrieval plugins for ChatGPT.

Create retrieval plugins for ChatGPT with ease and security.