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Gain granular control of your data

Manitum’s knowledge vaults allow your organization to choose who sees what without sacrificing privacy, performance, or productivity.

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What is a knowledge vault?

The question isn’t what’s in your vector database (although that’s not a bad question.). The question is who can see it.

Mantium’s role-based access control (RBAC) knowledge vaults empower you to choose who has access to your row level data, sensitive or otherwise, from the group down to the individual. Control the large language model’s output by controlling the context based on access to data.

Access management

  • RBAC baked in all the way down to row level permissions
  • Fine grained controls over who can view and interact with your data
  • Easily update permissions by application, group, or individual user
  • Share information with specific users or groups
  • Automatic propagation of permissions from your data sources to your chat application

Logging and audits

We understand that you need visibility and confirmation into who is accessing your data and what they are doing with it. That’s why we’ve built logging and auditing tools to help you uncover:

  • Access granted – See who was granted access, when they were granted access, and who gave them access.
  • Access revoked – Just like access granted but the other way around.
  • Access allowed or denied – What were they trying to gain access to? Why didn’t they have access? Should they have had access but didn’t?

Create retrieval apps with ease and security.