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AI Chat doesn’t have to be chatty.

Mantium provides you the tools that help you decide how on topic you want your chatbot to be without going off the rails.

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What are guardrails?

Mantium begins with basic system-wide controls for decency, serving as a springboard for customization to suit specific use cases.

The introduction of AI guardrails provides a structured framework to guide system behavior, minimizing risks and ensuring operations within set ethical and operational boundaries.


Tailor your security measures to the unique requirements of your organization. Specify conditions and thresholds for triggering moderation actions.


Run predefined policies to ensure protection against vulnerabilities.


View metrics on the number of incidents, false positives, and false negatives while also getting recommendations for adjusting the guardrails based on performance.

How it works

To optimize user interactions with our AI chat application, we initiate with sample dialogues to set the tone.

We then establish clear topical boundaries, guide the AI on response methodologies, design a seamless conversation flow, and implement fallback strategies for any out-of-scope inquiries.

System prompts are special directives used to guide the behavior of an AI language model. They allow developers to define the AI’s style and function within set parameters, ensuring adaptability and customization for diverse applications

Create retrieval apps that talk about what you want.