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What is Unstructured Data, and How can an Enterprise Benefit From It?

Over the past few years, data has exploded. It is projected that by 2025, data will grow to over 180 zettabytes globally. Yes, you read that correctly, zettabytes. In the world of big data, most of that data is unstructured. Unstructured data can be anything, including media, imaging, audio, sensor…

December 8, 2022  ·   4 min read

Understanding Question Answering

At the end of this article you will have an understanding of what Question Answering (QA) is, types of QA models and how they work. Introduction Remember when you were in high school, in English exams, you would have a section where you were expected to read a passage and…

November 15, 2022  ·   5 min read

Enriching Textract Deployment with Mantium

Query and answering in Mantium. Introduction Document Intelligence is a domain of information processing that focuses on structured documents, such as PDFs. Structured documents encode information not only in their text, but also in the layout of their elements, including textual, stylistic, geometric, and graphical elements.  Document Intelligence aims to…

November 11, 2022  ·   5 min read

Transforming the Insurance Industry with Intelligent Document Processing

Employees in the insurance industry have spent productive hours applying domain knowledge to extract insights from documents, and perform mundane data entry and document review tasks. Intelligent Document Processing can change this. The promise of the paperless office has not yet reached the document-driven industry of insurance, instead, insurance providers…

October 20, 2022  ·   4 min read

How We Automated Financial Documents Processing at Scale.

This article will describe how we delivered a document processing solution that helped a distribution company save 97% while ensuring ease of use and transparency.  Introduction Using the Mantium platform and AWS Textract, a distribution company for one of the world’s foremost consumer brands saved 97% on the cost of…

October 12, 2022  ·   4 min read

What is AWS Textract; A new world with Intelligent Document Processing

This article will explain what Amazon Textract is, how it can benefit you and solve the challenges involved with document processing. Processing Large-Scale Documents: A challenge Mantium + Textract can solve. Many organizations have scanned and handwritten documents, including financial institutions, healthcare, manufacturing, and other businesses. Imagine you have an…

September 23, 2022  ·   4 min read

Using AI to Automate and Streamline Enterprise Use Cases

Business process management and automation. The last three years have brought massive leaps in AI performance. A business can operationalize and automate use cases with AI models. Large companies with the best resources previously only achieved automation of this kind. With efficiencies now available to organizations of any size, tasks…

August 19, 2022  ·   3 min read

Using AI to Simplify and Streamline Text Summarization´┐╝

The purpose of a summary is to quickly give the reader or listener an idea of what the material is saying, however, summaries are nearly never provided when you need them most. What if you could save a huge chunk of the time you spend reading full documents and ask…

August 3, 2022  ·   4 min read

AI Governance-What’s the Big Deal?

Currently, AI governance worldwide is mainly undefined, except for a few countries; most geographies have yet to develop a specific set of guidelines or mandate specific AI governance laws for business and society. Many countries, territories, or jurisdictions are still in the early stages of understanding what should and needs…

July 7, 2022  ·   4 min read

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