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Streamline your workflow and maximize your data.

Effortlessly sync, enrich, and ship your data with our powerful connectors and never worry if your data is up to date.

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What’s a connector?

Your data is spread out over SaaS services, spreadsheets, wiki, and cloud storage provider. Bring it all together with Mantium’s suite of connectors.

Connect your data. All of it.

  1. Choose a connector.
  2. Authorize Mantium.
  3. Give your connection a friendly name.
  4. Choose your sync frequency.
  5. Start your first sync.


Connect your favorite SaaS data source or upload files like PDF, CSV, TXT, or PY.


Add your API credentials to connect to AI providers like OpenAI.

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Connect directly to your Pinecone instance.

Ready to bring it all together?

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Our suite of connectors easily integrate with the products you already use.


Don’t see what you use?

Typically Mantium can get a requested connector added within 1-2 weeks.

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