Solution Sheet: Data Scientist

By Blessing Adesiji

November 18, 2022   ·   1 min read

Are you a data scientist looking to automate your data extraction tasks? With Mantium and AWS Textract you can unlock data within documents that you need for model building.

What you’ll learn:

  • How automation can help you generate your own data.
  • How to simplify document extraction, classification, and processing using Mantium.
  • How you can fine tune with the right training data.
  • How advanced Human in the Loop (HITL) technologies can give you visibility.
  • How automation can save valuable time so you can focus on higher level strategic tasks.
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Blessing Adesiji
With a Bachelor's of Science in Petroleum Engineering, Blessing is a self taught Data Scientist and Software Engineer. He enjoys educating Mantium users on how to build AI applications as a Developer Relations Engineer. When he is not writing code and tutorials, he enjoys doing exercise in the gym, and playing and watching football.

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