White Paper

Securing Next Generation AI Deployments

This white paper offers an overview of the Generative AI landscape, highlights emerging risks, and suggests solutions for under-addressed challenges in developing next-generation Generative AI systems.

What you’ll learn

In this white paper, our experts will cover:

  • Technical foundations and the risks of generative AI
    • Identifying risks
    • Reference architecture
    • Hosting
    • LLMs, training data, fine-tuning data, and licenses
    • Risk landscape for large language models
  • Data handling and security controls
    • Data and model classification
    • LLMs, prompts, and injection vulnerabilities
    • Fine-tuning
    • Retrieval Augmented Generation
    • Fine-grained access controls scenario
    • Scalability and infrastructure
    • The many layers of security
  • Organizational legal framework
Download the Securing Next Generation AI Deployments white paper