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ChatGPT with your data is just a few clicks away

With endless possibilities, we thought we’d give you some inspiration to get you thinking. And templates to help get you doing.

Simplify your workflow with templates

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Personal Knowledge Management

Quickly search through your personal notes, documents, or saved articles when you need specific information.

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Meeting Info Retrieval

Easily find and recall specific details from past meeting minutes or project discussions to stay organized and informed.

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Customer Support

Search through customer emails, tickets, or support documentation, enabling them to provide faster and more accurate support.

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Product Documentation

Quickly find relevant information from API documentation, coding tutorials, or user manuals to save time and effort.

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Research & Academia

Researchers can search through their collection of academic papers, articles, and reports, allowing them to easily find relevant information for their studies.

Legal Documents

Quickly search through legal documents, such as contracts, case studies, or regulations, helping them find the information they need efficiently.

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Knowledge Base

Create an internal knowledge base using the retrieval plugin, making it easier for employees to find information about company policies, procedures, or best practices.


Access customer data, such as past interactions, purchases, or preferences to provide personalized service and recommendations.

Content Creation

Search through previous work or research materials, helping them generate new ideas and avoid duplicating content.

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Medical Records

Access patient records and medical history, streamlining the process of providing care and making more informed decisions.

Learning Management

Search through course materials, textbooks, or lecture notes to provide accurate and timely answers to student questions.

News and Media Monitoring

Search through a curated database of news articles and media coverage to stay informed about current events and trends.

Event Planning

Event planners can use the retrieval plugin to search through vendor lists, venue details, and past event data to streamline their planning process.

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Recipe and Cooking Management

Quickly find specific recipes, cooking techniques, or ingredient substitutions in your personal or professional collections.

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Harness the power of OpenAI ChatGPT Plugins with templates by Mantium.