Chirps Weekly Update - 8/31/2023 – Mantium

Chirps Weekly Update – 8/31/2023

By Justin Emrick

August 31, 2023   ·   2 min read

Here’s a quick roundup of everything that’s new in our project, and how you can get involved!

What’s New This Week

Feature Updates & Improvements

  • Ability to cancel jobs: This will provide the ability to cancel a job that is in the running or in a queued state. Provides the action of clicking on the “stop” button on the scan dashboard to perform the cancellation.
  • Introduction of agent classes: An Agent class, along with Attacker and Evaluator subclasses were added. These will be used when executing the MultiQueryRule to generate messages to be sent to an asset and to evaluate the response from an asset.
  • Ability to make an API request to an API Asset: The query included in the request POST body will be generated during a scan, and the entire response from the request will be parsed to determine if the response includes the pre-defined success outcome. If not, another query will be generated and the process repeated.
  • And more…

Bug Fixes

Community Contributions

Upcoming Milestones

  • Periodic task scheduling: In Progress – This will enable users the ability to kick off tasks at regular intervals replacing the need to manually scan each asset, each time
  • Automatic Patch version bumping: Week ending 09/08 – This will be helpful for developers to identify what version of Chirps an end-user is running to help with triaging issues.

Get Involved!

Feedback & Suggestions

Your feedback and suggestions drive our progress, and we’d love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts by joining our Discord.

Stay connected with us on GitHub , and don’t forget to star our repository if you like what we’re doing.


Justin Emrick
Immediately following high school, I proudly served in the military where I honed my skills in leadership, problem-solving, attention to detail and teamwork. After the military, I transitioned into the tech industry where I found a yearning for identifying problems and finding solutions. I am also passionate and have a strong belief that AI has the power to significantly and positively change people's lives. This led me to a career in Product management. In my current role at Mantium, I help devise strategy, develop product requirements, and oversee execution. In addition to my professional life, I am a father and family man who enjoys reading, video games and cooking.

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