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Great data leads to great results. Transform untapped data and evolve your sales and marketing practices.

Experience an end-to-end view of data, and identify and improve business opportunities, all with one easy-to-use platform.

How we’re different from other providers

What if you could access data in an understandable and usable format? Data like social media chatter, customer reviews, competitive marketing tactics, and more? With Mantium, you can access this data in one platform, available to view in any format requested, bringing marketing professionals powerful business intelligence.

Flexible pricing

Our flexible pricing allows you to run on your cloud or in ours, and this can save you money and maximize your security.

Advanced pipelines

Our advanced pipeline options allow users to choose from various cleaning, converting, and ETL methods, putting the robust data to work exactly where you need it.

Intuitive natural language search

Advanced file search capabilities with on-demand Q&A to swiftly get results for all your queries.

Let Mantium do the busy work.

Upload icon

Upload files

Easily upload your files securely, to the Mantium platform so you can leverage the wide variety of data processing techniques available.

File directory

Organize your files into directories to quickly discern which ones you need for each use case or process.


Turn files into structured data. ETL, clean, convert, and anything else you need for your task. *Task = Q&A, Search, etc.

Final document

The outcome of extracting and processing the files is helpful for a wide variety of ML/AI functions.

Q&A with classification

Instead of trying to find a critical piece of information from a mountain of files, simply ask a question. Depending on the type of question asked will determine which documents to search.

Sales & marketing use cases

Competitor trends and brand perception

Capture purchasing trends and brand perception, and create consistent and targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Determine custom purchasing trends and analytics of competing brands vs. your offerings.
  • Utilize sentiment analysis to determine your brand standing and gain awareness.
  • Examine posts on social media, forum discussions, and other media to understand sales, marketing, and overall company reputation.
  • Harness online reviews, customers’ rants on different platforms, and survey reports so analytics teams can better review trends in the market and tailor marketing efforts.

Strategy assessment

Assess your current strategies, and benefit from proactive rather than reactive marketing strategies.

  • Algorithms used in customer relationship management platforms can benefit from improved structured data.
  • The structured data produced can help businesses foresee customer needs.
  • Sales teams use insights to upsell existing customers at the ideal time and to suggest specific product or service recommendations for new clients.

Download our Sales and Marketing Solution Sheet to learn more.