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End-to-end intelligent documenting processing solution for insurers.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience and enable employees to focus on high-value work by automating manual and repetitive tasks.

How we’re different from other providers

Document classification, data extraction, and processing for use cases across the insurance industry lifecycle can save time and money, and retain lifelong clients.

Flexible pricing

Our flexible pricing allows you to run on your own cloud or in ours. This can save you money and maximize your security.

Advanced workflows

With our advanced workflows, we can help you build efficient document processing so you can filter down to only the documents that you need.

Document discovery

Not only do we automate operational processes for you, but we can also help your technical team quickly scan through your data lake in order to find the documents they need.

Let Mantium do the busy work.

Obtain key data

An email inbox for all claims, forms, and consolidated records.

Textract Extraction

Textract extracts necessary data from the claim.

Mantium enrichment with Large Language Models

Mantium leverages the power of LLM’s, to provide insurers with the ability to perform robust natural language processing (NLP) tasks such as personal identifying information (PII) detection, document classification, and data extraction to make better use of the claims data. 

Human in the Loop icon

Mantium review and validation

Mantium flags problems such as illegible and missing details to keep a human in the loop.

Ready for business decisions

The necessary information is placed directly into the insurance company’s system of record and is ready to use to enlighten powerful business decisions.

What kinds of insurance documents do you need to process? We can tailor a solution to your workflow.

Insurance use cases


An elegant balance to achieve speed and accuracy. Optimize workflows for smart underwriting data extraction.

  • Connect data and existing core systems.
  • Streamline underwriting document processing with no need to remove or replace current systems of record.
  • Automate mundane, repetitive tasks. Free up employees time to complete high-level strategic tasks that require their time and energy.
  • Enable underwriters to make informed, data-backed decisions.

Claims Processing

Speed and agility in claims improve customer satisfaction. From missing signatures to catching subrogation early, we can handle robust claims details.

  • Optimize claims handling with intelligent automation.
  • Increase processing throughput with built-in intelligent document processing (powered by AI).
  • Dramatically reduce time and cost to implement.
  • Mitigate technical debt and stay current by leveraging the speed and power of our leading low-code AI platform.
Collaboration icon

Client onboarding

A connected, intelligent data extraction tool using AI delivers best-in-class insurance applications and forms outcomes. Refresh legacy systems, drive down costs, and build brand loyalty from multi-generational clientele. 

  • Let go of the archaic process of boring application and form review cycles that siphon human hours and lose loyalty from applicants.
  • Decrease application and form approval time and elevate your client experience with IDP using AI.
  • Increase control and visibility into the contents of applications and change forms.

Read our blog, What is AWS Textract; A new world with Intelligent Document Processing, to learn more about Mantium and Textract for your enterprise: