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Streamline search of information in Knowledge Management Systems for better-informed and happier employees.

Experience an end-to-end view of information, improve employee experiences, and create efficiencies with one easy-to-use AI search platform.

How we’re different from other providers

What if searching for the knowledge held within your company’s knowledge management system (KMS) was efficient and user-friendly?

What if you could find the most up-to-date current information with the click of a mouse? With Mantium’s improved search feature, it’s easy to find the information you need quickly, no matter how large and complex your platform has become.

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Data security

Our flexible pricing allows you to run on your cloud or in ours, and this can save you money and maximize your security. Mantium is SOC 2 Type 2 Certified, ensuring your data is protected.

Advanced pipelines

Our advanced pipeline options allow users to choose from various cleaning, converting, and ETL methods, putting the robust data to work exactly where you need it.

Intuitive natural language search

Advanced file search capabilities with on-demand Q&A to swiftly get results for all your queries.

Let Mantium do the busy work.

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Upload files

Connect your knowledge based system to Mantium and select only the pages you want to include in your dataset.

Source files

Provide your files to Mantium and rest assured, Mantium practices top-notch security, with SOC 2 Type I and SOC 2 Type II data security standards in place. Mantium will manage and organize your files from knowledge management system data such as Notion or Confluence, preparing for the data transformation process.


The most challenging process when analyzing raw knowledge base data is transforming the data into a usable document to perform Q&A. The Mantium platform offers easily configured pre- processing options to extract, clean, and convert your data into a usable, robust, real time Q&A system.

Final document

Pre-processing results are in a final document. Mantium stores the now structured data into document datasets , which become usable for Q&A tasks, and are ready for your business to get added value from your information.

Q&A with classification

In this example, we cover Q&A, one of the many outcomes gained from structuring your data. With Mantium, you can ask questions and receive answers and context based on the data within our platform.

Human resources use cases

Employee Onboarding

Simplify the onboarding process for HR staff managing it and new employees experiencing it.

  • With Mantium search capabilities, HR administrators can easily search the system to see where a specific employee is within the onboarding process and determine where they might need support.
  • Keep your KMS up to date: With our sync schedules and human-in-the-loop features, you can be sure that the information in your platform is always accurate and up to date.
  • Employees can easily find where they left off in the onboarding process, using search capabilities to find exactly what they need to do daily.
  • Create a welcoming environment that is easy to navigate with best-in-class AI search capabilities.
  • Save new employees and HR team members valuable time managing the process.

Applicant Tracking

HR and People Operations professionals can streamline the application process with search capabilities and access to the most recently updated data on each applicant.

  • Materials, notes, and data about candidates, from phone screens to onsite interviews to sample work and resumes, are all within the KMS. With Mantium AI search, you have an easy way to search this information, ensuring you won’t miss vital information you need to make a critical team hiring decision.
  • With disparate departments needing access to applicant information, such as the hiring department, human resources, or another department involved, easy search capabilities can save time for everyone involved. Rather than needing a ticket with HR, anyone with permission can find the data they need quickly.

Company Policy Access

HR and People Operations are a source of knowledge and information that employees rely on and need access to easily and quickly.

  • Using Mantium, employees can easily access company information such as policies, pay schedules, benefits, and more.
  • With Mantium, enterprises save employee and HR time addressing emails asking for information that is lost within KMS.

Download our Human Resources Solution Sheet to learn more.