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Scalable low-code AI applications in less time

A unique platform to build complex AI solutions with less effort and resources.

Automate business solutions with our straightforward, adaptable AI Workflow.

Businesses are looking to reduce routine tasks completed by humans by automating repetitive processes. With the Mantium AI Builder, developers can build workflows to address challenges in business process automation.

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AI Prototypes

Eliminate repetitive and busy work, build high functioning prototypes with ease and efficiency.

  • Without waiting months for the IT team to test an idea, you can show value from the start with quick prototypes.
  • Reduce the efforts and multiple iterations concerned with showing value to the business team with Mantium low-code solutions.


Managing infrastructure to support third-party apps is a huge concern for developers. Mantium allows developers to build rapid workflows with our built-in integrations.

  • Worry less about infrastructure overheads, and build AI solutions with our third-party integrations.
  • Invoice processing, document routing, and data extraction are all automation needs that our Textract integration supports.
  • Integrate AI into everyday business apps to build end-to-end solutions.
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Build any solution

Build event-driven and trigger-based workflows to support business processes, and customized tailored solutions, at your fingertips.

  • Get access to Mantium’s API to build custom distinct use cases that you can fit into your applications.
  • Easily switch between multiple large language models with our APIs for flexibility.
  • Rapidly iterate based on internal feedback with a few clicks of the mouse to fit business requirements.

Read our blog, Learn to Build No-Code AI Applications, to learn more about Mantium.