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The essential platform for helping data scientists access data, quickly build prototypes, and solve problems.

Increase data scientist productivity in generating synthetic text data to support model training, fine-tuning, creating quick AI demos, and more.

Access the data you need, when you need it.

Data science teams need access to large amounts of labeled data sets when training models. Mantium can help your data science team eliminate this challenge with synthetic text data generation while they focus on other essential tasks.

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Quickly build AI prototypes

The data science team needs to show the value of the project as it fits the business requirements, which requires a lot of time, effort, and multiple iterations. With Mantium, you can show value from the start with quick prototypes that only take a few minutes to build.

  • Use Mantium’s support for different large language models to build prototypes that communicate value early.
  • Share your work and start collecting feedback from your colleagues and business units early and often.
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Supercharge your workflow with Human in the Loop

Human in the Loop (HITL) can increase the productivity of data science teams, especially in reviewing model errors on documents, which can be a source of training data.

  • Correct model errors on predictions and use the correct labels to fine-tune downstream models.

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