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How Mantium works

Get started with our data plane quickly or keep all of your data inside your cloud.

Does AI feel like a daunting idea to turn into reality? From lack of technical resources to complexity in your organization’s technical infrastructure, achieving a functioning AI was once only for those who could afford to hire experts.

At Mantium, we can rapidly provide world-class AI solutions with the click of a button, all tailored to your use case and industry.

The control plane

The control plane is an advanced framework that enables top-notch policy management, exception handling, customization, and data forwarding.

Mantium uses a control plane architecture to streamline user processes, allowing users to concentrate on building powerful, customizable AI applications. The Mantium-hosted control plane helps you manage account management, workflow execution, while provide a secure API for low-code solutions.

The data plane

The data plane processes and transports all of the application and data traffic. You can build AI applications confidently, knowing that the data plane is under your control.

The Mantium-hosted data plane provides governance, reliability, and accessibility. Utilizing our platform in Mantium’s multi-tenant environment to access our services and AI capabilities is efficient, secure, and accessible. The Mantium-hosted data plane isolates and safeguards each client’s data from other tenants.

The Mantium difference at a glance.

  • A trusted member of Amazon Partner Network and listed on Amazon Web Services Marketplace.
  • Best in class governance and security for all of your workloads and data at rest and in motion.
  • A secure AI computing architecture in your own virtual private cloud at no extra cost.
  • Get started quickly with the Mantium-hosted data plane, and take advantage of integrated AWS services.

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