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Build, test, and automate with Mantium.

Mantium’s complete platform allows businesses to manage data, build powerful models, test them, and deploy faster than ever before.

AI Process Automation

Large language models can perform a wide range of cognitive tasks like classification, translation, question and answering, text generation, search, and summarization. Through integrations, these tasks can then be applied to jobs like customer service, writing and note taking, administrative work, and so much more.

Data ingestion

Data preparation can be difficult when your data is unstructured and not in a format your models can use. With our AWS toolkit, you will be able to use Textract and Transcribe to get the data you need from documents and audio into your models.

AI output

Once your AI is performing well, you can integrate output into the applications where you need it. We are constantly working on adding more integrations that give you the power to build exactly what you need, fast.


Once your task is complete, Mantium can integrate with the systems you currently use to automatically take the appropriate action inside of those systems. This might be anything from creating a ticket in your CRM to labeling customer service calls. Let Mantium help you achieve maximum productivity.

Build AI with Power and Flexibility

With Mantium, building powerful, customized AI applications and automations requires very little coding skills. Experimenting with various models from different providers can all be done in one centralized place: the Mantium Platform.

Design your AI

Design your AI on the Mantium platform, keep track of versions, and monitor the logs.

Build a workflow with Intelets

Intelets chain smaller tasks together to create one powerful AI.

Upload files for NLP processing

Upload files to the Mantium platform for fine tuning and other NLP tasks.

Fine tune

Design the perfect model by using your own data and adjusting weights the way you want.

Collaborate and Test

Fast prototyping and collaboration dramatically reduce the time it takes to get a fully functional AI application into production. Working with the people and groups that are involved in an AI project gives it a greater likelihood of success.

One Click Deploy

One Click Deploy enables anyone developing AI to immediately share their prototypes with members of their organization to elicit the feedback needed to refine their models. An instant prototype is a powerful tool for development and management buy-in.

Versions and logs

Mantium takes the fear out of making edits. We save all the versions of your work in the logs so that you can recover previous drafts or compare their performance. The logs also show you the input and output from your collaborators. You can use that to improve your AI. Prompt engineering is one of the most time consuming aspects of natural language processing. Mantium makes it easier.

Handle AI Governance

Getting an AI into production doesn’t end with deployment. Models need to be monitored to ensure they’re operating and behaving well. The Mantium Platform is designed to make governance easy for your team to manage without having to heavily utilize your IT department.

Human in the loop

When your AI strays from its intended purpose, or if a user gives your model inappropriate input, we’ll send you an email or text so that you can make adjustments and prevent undesirable output.

Monitoring and observability

Mantium’s dashboard provides visibility into the performance and usage of all your models. You can see how heavily each model is being used, whether your AI has triggered any Human in the Loop notifications, and the occurrence of any recent log messages.

Whatever you want to build, we can show you how. Let’s get started!