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Go from a disparate file to enterprise-ready intelligent data with AI document automation.

Mantium’s end-to-end AI document automation platform allows businesses to gain the insight they need from files of any type with the most innovative pre-processing engine available today.

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AI Process Automation

Large language models can perform a wide range of cognitive tasks like classification, translation, question and answering, text generation, search, and summarization. Through integrations, these tasks can then be applied to jobs like customer service, writing and note taking, administrative work, and so much more.

Easy infrastructure

Infrastructure setup is as simple as deciding between your AWS account or ours, adding your credentials, and uploading your files to Mantium, where you can store, manage and process them securely.

Data ingestion

Leverage our AI Document Processing platform to get the data you need and transform documents into powerful business decision-making tools.

Document collections

Build collections out of the data extracted from your documents to perform NLP tasks such as Classification and Q&A or send the data where you need it.

Turn your documents and files into insightful, actionable data with endless powerful business-improving capabilities.

Automate your enterprise

Spend less time searching documents and more time making revenue-building decisions with Mantium AI automation.

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Extract text from documents like handwriting or PDFs and then save it as a dataset. Automate processes for insurance claims, doctors’ notes, documentation, invoices, purchase orders, and more.

Mantium leverages the power of LLM’s, to provide enterprises with the ability to perform robust natural language processing (NLP) tasks such as personal identifying information (PII) detection, document classification, and data extraction to make better use of all disparate data sources.


We understand that the AI space is rapidly expanding. New models and methods are being developed on a frequent basis. Mantium leverages many of the existing technologies for document processing to ensure that if one method doesn’t provide everything you need, the rest of the models in the pipeline will.

Question & Answer

Having a vast set of documents to search through to find a few answers to specific questions takes a lot of effort and employee time. With Mantium, provide your documents and let our pipeline process them and make the data available to ask specific questions and get the answer and context within a few seconds.

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Human in the Loop

When your AI strays from its intended purpose, or if a user gives your model inappropriate input, we’ll notify you so that you can make adjustments and prevent undesirable output. Overtime, the data and corrections made by HITL can be used to make your models even better.

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