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Building AI applications has never been so easy.

Choose whether to use a proprietary model or an open source model. Mantium offers many of the large language models you’ve heard of, with many more to come!

Derive Insights From Text

Mantium provides access to models that can process text for various tasks. No matter which industry you’re in, Mantium can help you discover and refine the models and choose the tasks that will help you solve your most pressing business problems.

Semantic search

AI can make quick work of searching through a document for contextual meaning or semantic similarity. Quickly retrieve information from your documents and pinpoint answers.


AI can quickly scan documents and classify according to sentiment, subject, action, etc. This can be applied to fraud detection, service request tickets, and so much more.


Summarization of long, detailed, complex material is time consuming for humans, and requires domain experts, but it can be automated with an AI.

Question answering

Humans sleep; AI doesn’t. Build an answering model that is always awake and ready to help, trained on your company’s data to improve accuracy and relevancy.

Access Many Powerful Models

Testing out various models from different providers, and adjusting prompts and parameter settings, can all be done in one centralized place: the Mantium Platform. You can then go on to build customized AI applications with virtually no coding skills, or you can use our API to create deep integrations into your applications and services.

AI21 labs logo

AI21’s API provides access to Jurassic-1, our suite of language models that includes Jurassic-1 Jumbo, the largest model ever made available to developers.

The Cohere API provides access to models that read billions of web pages and learn to understand the meaning, sentiment, and intent of the words we use.

Eleuther AI

EleutherAI is a decentralized grassroots collective of volunteer researchers, engineers, and developers focused on AI alignment, scaling, and open source AI research.

Open Ai Logo

OpenAi’s first-of-its-kind API can be applied to any language task, and currently serves millions of production requests each day.

hugging face

Hugging Face is a data science platform with 58K+ AI models that provide tools to enable users to build, train and deploy models based on open source code.

Mantium is an independent enterprise and not affiliated with any provider we support, including but not limited to OpenAI, Co:here, or Eleuther AI.

Get more from your models.

Low Code Approach to Prompt Design

You don’t have to be an expert machine learning engineer to create powerful AI applications. Start writing prompts inside the Mantium platform or import prompts from external systems. Our tutorials and guides will help you understand prompt settings so that you can effectively design your prompts and achieve your desired results.

Intuitive prompting

In Mantium, prompts are defined with text and a variety of prompt settings. We make it easy to add and adjust prompts through the UI. You’ll choose an endpoint that matches your task, write your prompt, and adjust parameter settings. As you begin testing your prompt, you can return to make adjustments.

Prompts flow in intelets

With Intelets, prompt designers can create powerful applications that are highly customized to the needs of their project. An Intelet takes the output of one prompt as the input of another. Chaining prompts together in this way reduces the amount of work a prompt designer needs to do, and can be critical for achieving your end goal. The Mantium Platform makes it easy to use as many prompts as you need inside your Intelet and swap them out as desired.

What is a prompt anyway?

Prompts are written in natural language and tell the model how it should work for your specific task. This is a very different approach from traditional natural language processing. Most NLP models were designed to complete only one task, but large language models can perform a variety of tasks. A prompt’s job then is to tell the model what the task is and what you want your output to look like.

Version Control

Prompt engineering can be an exercise in trial and error, but Mantium has you covered. We keep track of all the changes you make to your prompts and store the version history so that prompt developers can recover previous drafts and compare their performance. You can even create a whole new prompt from a previous version. Since designing prompts can require a lot of analysis, Mantium’s version control features are integral to speedy development.

Simple Fine Tuning

Pre-trained large language models can do a great job out of the box on many tasks. However, sometimes it is still useful to customize a model for a particular application. Mantium allows organizations to tailor models to their specific needs so that the output they generate is right on target.

Zero shot – out of the box

Pre-trained language models are capable of zero-shot inference, which means that they can do a good job out of the box. To get the best results, the model can be fine tuned on a dataset, and parameters adjusted to improve results, especially for niche cases.

Fine tuning

Mantium offers easy fine tuning right inside the platform that even non-technical people can use. We also provide advanced fine tuning capabilities upon request. Please contact us for a consultation to determine which method is right for you.

File Storage

You might want to upload files to the Mantium platform as a prompt body or use a file as a dataset for your fine tuned models. With Mantium, you can do both. You can also use a file for search and question answering, which are common natural language tasks that require domain knowledge.

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