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Integrations give you the power to automate.

Automation ensures that routine tasks get completed with precision and speed.

Automate Processes with AI

Building automation into your workflows allows your team to focus on the work that moves the needle in your business, rather than spending hours on menial tasks. Plus, since AI doesn’t make mistakes when it gets bored, automation can improve the accuracy of those dull, time consuming tasks.

Mantium starts with data integrations, then performs NLP tasks, and finally uses the output of those tasks to complete operations inside of your applications. Your processes will be running so smoothly, your team will be able to focus on work that helps your business grow.

Call center CRM ticketing

Call center operators need to summarize and label calls for documentation. This time consuming task amounts to a lot of data over time, and sifting through thousands of notes to derive insights is nearly impossible. Mantium can alleviate this process by integrating into the CRM.

First, Mantium will convert the speech to text. The AI will scan the text, summarize it, and choose labels identifying the status of the account. Finally, the integration will add that uniform summarization to the notes. Not only does this automation release call center employees from the time it takes to write notes but it automates the process of flagging customer accounts for further action.

Clinical notes translation

Doctors take notes about each patient they see, but it is usually in shorthand and difficult for patients and insurance adjusters to understand. Mantium can help out all involved by applying AI to electronic health record data and integrating with the customer or insurance portal.

First, Mantium’s models scan and translate the text and then mask it for identifying information. Then, it will translate and summarize the technical jargon into plain language. Finally, the integration adds that summarized text into the portal. This saves time of hiring translators and helps patients understand their diagnosis and treatment.

Ready to start creating?

Transform Data with the AWS Toolkit

With AWS services, Mantium makes it easy for you to add machine learning capabilities to your AI development process. Extracting text from documents, converting text from speech, and extracting insights are all pre-processing steps that will considerably improve your AI development workflow. We are committed to helping you deploy AI faster; these services will help you do just that.


Add speech to text capabilities to your process and increase the scope of your inputs. This integration enables you to create automation around phone calls and user generated videos.


Extract text from documents like handwriting and PDFs and then save it as a dataset. This enables automated processes for lots of different kinds of business documents, such as insurance claims, doctors’ notes, product documentation, etc.

Interact With Your AI Intuitively

Mantium can integrate with many of the everyday communication services you use so that you and your customers can easily interact with your AI. Once your AI is performing well, you can integrate it into a variety of communication applications where it will receive input from humans as well as provide output to the application.

Mantium gives you the power to put guardrails around your chatbot so that you feel safe letting them interact with your customers while you’re away. Our governance capabilities let you easily monitor usage, set up trigger events for undesirable input and output, store logs for compliance, and receive alerts and make adjustments when needed.


Our email integration allows you to receive emails whenever your AI needs help. If it receives an input or produces an output that does not adhere to your rules, the AI will send you an email to let you know.

Text messaging

With Mantium, you can create a question and answering chatbot for Slack, WhatsApp, text messaging, or any other chat services you use. Build your QA bot with our native integrations or through our API.

Let us know what you need. We can help you build it.

Mantium is continually developing new integrations that enable companies to automate tasks and improve business processes. Mantium can perform common natural language tasks and then integrate into the systems you currently use.

Please reach out and let us know what integrations would be helpful for your enterprise. We’ll help you build automations that empower your company to compete at the highest level.