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Drive AI projects to deployment faster.

Mantium’s low-code approach facilitates collaboration between technical and non-technical team members. On the Mantium Platform, you can create a prototype in minutes, share it, and then add it to your AI Application in a couple of clicks.

AI and machine learning projects fail to deliver
Project that make it from prototypes to production

Fast Prototyping

Mantium takes AI implementation from months to minutes. Even without an engineering or data science team, you can deploy and share your prototype to quickly get feedback,
refine your models, and progress to the next stages of development.

Get management buy in

It can be hard to explain what you’re trying to achieve with AI. Quickly create and share your prototypes with management to get quick, cross-functional buy-in.

Deliver the right product

Working collaboratively on an AI project speeds up the time to a finished product considerably. Transparency keeps the project moving steadily in the right direction.

Guarantee impact

The more people that test your prototypes, the better your chances of ensuring your AI has the desired impact in production.

Deploy, share, and gather feedback

Sharing your AI during development is critical for gathering feedback so that you can gain insights and adjust settings. Get members of your organization using your prototypes and start collecting feedback.

Prototype voting

Voting on prototypes provides valuable feedback that you can use to refine your AI. See a consolidated view of all the liked outputs, as well as who liked it, to understand if the model is performing well, even if you aren’t a subject matter expert.

Get your team using Mantium and start building your AI.