Our Story

Who we are and what we value

What We Do

Mantium is a cloud platform for building with large language models and managing them at scale.

Currently, we power innovative applications built with OpenAI, Eleuther, AI21, Hugging Face and Cohere. We are fully committed to adding new large language model providers to our systems as they become available.

Absolutely anyone can use Mantium. We make it possible to publish a live prototype with the click of literally 2 buttons. Whether you’re a programmer or not, go-live requirements are tedious at best. We make it easy to share what you built with your friends, colleagues and the general public. From proof of concept to production, Mantium ensures you spend more time on your model, not its management.

Why We Do It

At Mantium, we have a responsibility to help ensure that AI advancements benefit humanity as a whole. From day one, we chose to hold ourselves to that standard and hope you’ll join us in making the same commitment.

Our belief that AI must benefit humanity as a whole is the inspiration behind our technology. Mantium was founded to make it easier for anyone to use large language models and, above all, to build responsibly.

As seasoned cyber security experts, we believe a robust third-party ecosystem enhances safety and security by introducing independent checks and balances. Simply put, you don’t have the crew that’s constructing the bridge do the final evaluation and safety checks. That’s why Mantium offers features like built-in logging and automated filtering from the start.

Given what’s at stake, we are unwilling to accept a winner-takes-all approach to what should be a healthy, balanced market bound by a commitment to the same inclusive, positive vision for AI. Beyond our own offerings, we’re eager to collaborate with the community to develop working groups that will establish standards and frameworks that guide this industry moving forward.

We are forever thankful to our early alpha users who have provided us with a wealth of useful feedback. As we expand to our user base and begin our beta program we are excited to hear what people love, and more importantly, what we can do better.

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