Our Story

Who we are and what we value

What We Do

Mantium ensures the successful deployment of AI.

Businesses want to build AI applications and automations faster and more easily than what has been traditionally possible so that they can ensure successful AI deployment.

Mantium offers organizations the ability for technical and non-technical members of the team to contribute collaboratively, without waiting on data scientists and software engineers. Mantium’s integrations make managing the input and output of prompts fast and easy. Automatic logging, monitoring, and safety features release software engineers from spending their time reinventing the wheel.

All of this combines to enable teams of all backgrounds and sizes to successfully build and deploy AI.

Why We Do It

We want to make AI development accessible to all.

Mantium is determined to remove the barrier between non-technical innovators and the development of artificial intelligence.

The Mantium platform is the bridge that finally makes that possible. Through collaboration, Mantium creates an inclusive AI development process. With Mantium’s suite of integrations, anyone can deploy AI anywhere with ease.

Everyone should have the opportunity to build AI applications and reap the tremendous benefits of AI. With Mantium, everyone can.

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