Create AI Automation With Mantium

A revolution is happening in the world of artificial intelligence and Mantium is at the forefront, providing access to large language models and in-house expertise in state of the art NLP. AI automation that previously required millions of data points and months of effort to get started, can now be built and launched in a matter of minutes with Mantium.

Build AI automation in weeks, not months.

Mantium’s end-to-end solution can help your organization complete more tasks, faster with modern natural language processing techniques.

Mantium can help you automate.

  • Automatically summarize text.
  • Assign labels to text with classification.
  • Perform sentiment analysis.
  • Build a generative question answering chatbot.
  • Search through documents for semantic meaning.
  • Translate documents into other languages.
  • Classify topics mentioned in text with named entity recognition.
  • Unlock the power of models that Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google are using to run the most complex AI deployments in the world.

One Platform For All Your Language Based AI Automations

Large organizations need to build AI automations for a variety of uses and in multiple departments. Marketing needs content generation, finance needs classification, customer support needs semantic search, and that’s just the beginning. Mantium helps businesses reduce the number of applications they’re using to build AI automation into their business processes.

The entire strategy created by the Mantium team was well managed, communicated, and executed, with the outcomes being beyond our expectations. We are extremely pleased as the benefits of the Mantium platform have accelerated our timeline and plan by two years!

Larry Adams
CEO, Founder

Tell us what you need and we’ll help you integrate AI automation into your business.

Mantium has a team of data scientists and NLP engineers who are experienced with setting up complex AI workflows for enterprises. Get in touch and we’ll show you how Mantium can improve processes at your company with AI automation.