Use Mantium to Build An SMS Twilio Chatbot.

Mantium makes it easy to communicate with AI via SMS, using the simplest Twilio integration on the market. Build a Twilio chatbot and prototype your AI application in minutes.

With the Mantium and Twilio integration you can build an AI chatbot with GPT-3 using state of the art NLP.

  • Allow text messages to be sent by your AI.
  • Capture text messages and responses as logs.
  • Give stakeholders easy access to testing prototypes.
  • Communicate with customers in the most convenient way.
  • Set character limits on your AI to control text message rates.
  • Build Twilio chatbots with no code required.
  • Get set up with AI and text messages in minutes.
Twilio chatbot integration

Easily collaborate and communicate

Text messaging is a form of communication that anyone can use. Collaborators can quickly give input on AI prototypes and customers can easily get the answers they need with a quick text message.


Enhance collaboration and testing for stakeholders. Integrate with Twilio and let your team start testing AI applications immediately. Get the feedback you need to refine your AI and deploy faster.


Provide an AI text messaging platform for your users. Share a URL and a phone number so that your users can experience the capabilities of an AI chatbot via familiar methods.

Text message with AI

Mantium’s governance features allow your AI to safely interact with users.


The key to AI governance is transparency. Mantium provides transparency into how AI is built and used.


Mantium helps you show that your AI is reliable, explainable, and responsible by offering visibility into design and usage.

Human in the Loop

Configure trigger events that pause processing and require a human to intervene with undesirable output.

The entire strategy created by the Mantium team was well managed, communicated, and executed, with the outcomes being beyond our expectations. We are extremely pleased as the benefits of the Mantium platform have accelerated our timeline and plan by two years!

Larry Adams
CEO, Founder

Build AI powered chatbots and deploy them to text apps with Twilio.

The Twilio integration is available inside the Mantium Platform right now. You can be up and running with a personalized sms chatbot in minutes. Get in touch and we’ll help you develop your use case.