Part Two: How can KMS improve to create a winning platform for human resources?

January 12, 2023   ·   4 min read
This is part two of a two-part blog series. The first post can be found here.

As discussed in the first part of this blog series, HR and PO at companies and enterprises of all sizes worldwide provide information to disparate, global teams via Knowledge Management Systems(KMS). These tools are a great way to provide a source of truth to employees and support teams in collaboration. But these systems’ search capabilities can be a downfall. This post, part two of a two-post blog series, will discuss the final use cases and the downfalls HR and PO face regarding search in KMS. If you want more background information on the topic, check out the first post in the series.

KMS use cases for HR and PO.

Managing employee records

Every business has its core competence: offering legal advice, managing clients’ financial portfolios, taking care of patients, building software applications, or the hundreds of other essential services small and medium businesses provide. But every business also has to manage tasks that are not their core competence, such as managing vital confidential employee records. 

Moving employee record management to a KMS is a secure way to manage compliance and access to these highly confidential records.

Providing training and development resources 

A KMS can be a one-stop shop for employee training and development resources, including instructional materials, videos, and other learning resources. These offerings can help HR professionals quickly identify and provide the resources employees need to learn new skills or advance in their careers.

A KMS can virtually eliminate paper in the training and certification processes and offer a powerful tracking mechanism for enterprise HR and PO departments. 

How can Mantium help organizations gain more benefits from its KMS?

As we discussed a few use cases for HR and PO in KMSs, it’s essential to have a KMS system in place. However, many enterprises have come to realize that isn’t enough. The search capabilities within most KMS simply are not robust enough to return the best results. 

Inconsistent KMS search engines can leave employees dredging through hundreds of irrelevant search results. Certainly, time is worth so much more than this. Costs emerge in different ways when employees spend too much time searching within KMS. 

With Mantium, you can simplify the search process within your KMS.  

Create efficiencies and make finding employee record information a breeze for certified HR and PO staff.
  • With Mantium search capabilities, HR administrators can easily search the system to determine where an individual is in the benefits process or what PTO a specific employee is entitled to. 
  • Keep your KMS up to date: With our sync schedules and human-in-the-loop features, you can be sure that the employee record information in your platform is always accurate and up to date.
  • For large HR and PO teams, creating a welcoming KMS environment that is easy to navigate with best-in-class AI search capabilities is helpful. 
  • Save HR team members valuable time managing the employee records tracking process. 
Improve the employee training and development experience.
  • HR and PO  professionals can streamline training processes with search capabilities and access to the most recently updated data for each training module or course. 
  • Materials, notes, and knowledge necessary for employees, such as training videos, testing documents, study guides, and more, are all within the KMS. With Mantium AI search, your employees and team members can easily find this knowledge, keeping morale, motivation, and productivity high.

Mantium can help.

Mantium is changing how you approach search engines within KMS. With our AI platform, we want to bring organizations a search experience they don’t dread, one that actually finds the knowledge and answers users so desperately need. 

To learn how Mantium can help, visit our website. 

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