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Why Data Quality Matters: The Importance of Clean, Accurate Data in the Age of AI

Empowering AI: The significance of clean, accurate data. In this article, delve into the crucial role of data quality in AI-driven processes and its impact on optimizing AI potential and business growth. Mantium makes it easy to connect data to large language models, enabling seamless AI integration across industries. Sign…

April 25, 2023  ·   8 min read

The Future of Data Transformation: How AI is Changing the Game

Empowering Data Evolution: How AI Transforms the Game In this article, we will be exploring the future of data transformation and how AI is changing the game in this blog post. Mantium makes it easy to connect data to large language models, enabling seamless AI integration across industries. Sign up…

April 25, 2023  ·   11 min read

Mantium: Streamlining Data Integration for Vector Databases and AI Applications

As a developer or AI enthusiast, you understand that effectively accessing, manipulating, and utilizing data is crucial for creating efficient AI applications. One of the challenges faced in this process is integrating data from multiple SaaS products into a single vector database, such as Pinecone, for further analysis and processing.…

March 24, 2023  ·   4 min read

Whisper and ChatGPT: Transforming Audio into Text Summaries

In this article, we are going to examine the speech-to-text capabilities of OpenAI’s automatic speech recognition model – Whisper, and its API. To demonstrate, we will transcribe a podcast(mp3 file) to text, and use OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to summarize the text. Mantium is the fastest way to achieve step one…

March 23, 2023  ·   11 min read

Vector Databases vs. Graph Databases: A Comprehensive Comparison

This article compares vector databases vs. graph databases. You will learn why you should use any of the databases, their specific use cases, and examples. Mantium is the fastest way to achieve step one in the AI pipeline with automated, synced data preparation that gets your data cleaned and ready…

March 10, 2023  ·   10 min read

How Haystack and LangChain are Empowering Large Language Models.

In this article, we will compare Haystack and LangChain, and how both empower Large language models(LLM). We will talk about what they do individually, what they do differently, and what tasks they are good at.This article will be a long read explaining concepts and code examples, so if you’d like…

March 7, 2023  ·   29 min read

ChatGPT API Beginner’s Guide

This article will discuss important concepts on using the new ChatGPT API to build applications and how you can quickly get started. Introduction OpenAI released the ChatGPT model and chat playground in November 2022, taking the world by storm. People from different backgrounds – both technical and non-technical – experimented…

March 3, 2023  ·   7 min read

Word Embeddings & Its Applications In Finding Information

This article aims to explain what word embedding means, and how it is used to find information in documents. What is Word Embeddings We use word embeddings to help computers better understand words and their meanings. Think about it like this; Word embeddings can be likened to putting words into…

February 23, 2023  ·   6 min read


Enterprises struggle to find knowledge within disparate systems.

Searching for knowledge is tough within enterprises. Technology is an everyday part of our lives. Humanity benefits from the different technologies to make our lives easier or more convenient. From asking an Alexa device for a specific piece of information to spending a few seconds searching for something on Google,…

January 16, 2023  ·   3 min read

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