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Knowledge is power

By Justin Emrick

January 9, 2023   ·   3 min read
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Most of us are familiar with the proverb “Knowledge is power.”

Francis Bacon is credited with writing it in his Meditationes Sacrae dated 1597. A saying from many centuries ago is still valid today. We construct our awareness of the world around us on a foundation of knowledge, equipping us with the skills we need to face life’s difficulties and make wise decisions. Knowledge can be helpful in a variety of contexts. It can assist us in problem-solving and improve decision-making. For instance, if we have a solid grasp of a particular subject, we can use that understanding to develop innovative fixes for potential issues. 

Knowledge for Enterprises

Within an organization, a plethora of knowledge and information is created daily to help set them apart from its rivals. Both customers and workers must have access to this information. It can aid employees’ decision-making and enable them to provide better customer service.

By enhancing efficiency, customer happiness, and well-informed decision-making, making this information available to both staff and consumers can contribute to success. Businesses must put mechanisms in place to gather, organize, and disseminate this information in a timely and efficient manner if they are to make it available. This could involve the administration and sharing of information via databases, customer relationship management systems, knowledge management systems, and other technologies.

The benefits of shared knowledge.

Improved decision making

Since all employees have the same information and resources, they may make more informed decisions that align with the company’s aims and objectives.

Enhanced collaboration and teamwork

Employees can more easily collaborate to achieve shared objectives since they have access to the same knowledge and can share their skills with one another.

Increased efficiency

Employees can work more productively and avoid wasting time looking for information since they can access the information and tools needed to complete their tasks.

Improved customer service

Employees can better support consumers and offer more individualized service when they have access to a thorough knowledge base.

Greater innovation

Employees can be more innovative and develop fresh ideas and solutions that help the business succeed when they have access to various information and tools.

Access to the right knowledge.

 Finally, knowledge is a priceless resource that can significantly influence our personal and professional lives. However, with the deluge of information accessible, locating the appropriate information fast might be difficult. Systems for classifying and distributing knowledge inside a company are crucial.

Access to credible knowledge can be a crucial success factor in the organization. It can assist in making decisions, enhance customer service, streamline processes, and more. While non-public and proprietary information can sometimes be valuable, it can often be much more so when it comes to staying ahead of the competition and making wise judgments.

Mantium can help.

Here at Mantium, being a startup, we generate new information daily. Internally, we’ve also faced challenges in finding relevant information within our knowledge management systems. We decided to solve these challenges by transforming how we browse through reams of data inside an enterprise.

Mantium is creating a platform that makes it simple for businesses to access and exchange knowledge, enhancing productivity, collaboration, and decision-making throughout the organization by utilizing the most recent technologies and methodologies. We enable organizations to quickly and easily discover the information they need to perform their tasks. Mantium assists organizations in driving success and staying ahead of the competition by reducing the search process and increasing knowledge accessibility.


Justin Emrick
Immediately following high school, I proudly served in the military where I honed my skills in leadership, problem-solving, attention to detail and teamwork. After the military, I transitioned into the tech industry where I found a yearning for identifying problems and finding solutions. I am also passionate and have a strong belief that AI has the power to significantly and positively change people's lives. This led me to a career in Product management. In my current role at Mantium, I help devise strategy, develop product requirements, and oversee execution. In addition to my professional life, I am a father and family man who enjoys reading, video games and cooking.

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