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Enterprises struggle to find knowledge within disparate systems.

By Justin Emrick

January 16, 2023   ·   3 min read
Searching for knowledge is tough within enterprises.

Technology is an everyday part of our lives. Humanity benefits from the different technologies to make our lives easier or more convenient. From asking an Alexa device for a specific piece of information to spending a few seconds searching for something on Google, we are accustomed to finding the information we need when we need it. As information becomes more specific or personal, finding what we need becomes more challenging. This is especially true in a large organizations where information and the ability to find it quickly becomes vital.

The challenges with finding information.

Knowing where to turn for specific information in a big corporation can be challenging. A human resources system for personnel information and a financial system for financial data are just two examples of the various systems the company may have in place for different sorts of information. Additionally, many organizational departments may have their own procedures for handling information particular to their areas of accountability.

Employees may find it challenging to locate the information they require as a result. To locate the information they need, they might have to search through several databases and go through several different systems. Especially if they are unfamiliar with the various systems or need help knowing where to look for the information they require, this can be time-consuming and irritating.

Additionally, specific systems might be outdated or poorly maintained, making it even harder to access the necessary information. Challenges arise in conducting a search across numerous systems due to a need for system integration. Data may become inconsistent, making it challenging for employees to believe what they discover.

We are all having the same hurdles in finding essential knowledge.

I’ve personally experienced some of these struggles throughout my working life. Earlier on in my career, I helped build products in the customer service space. The agents using my product often would service customers across multiple business units. One of the main product focus was to help customer services agents take the guesswork about where to go to find an answer to a question and provide a quick answer to the customer. This helps keep the customer happy and increases retention. The less time the agent would spend on each customer, the more customers they could serve.

Here at Mantium, we have faced struggles internally to locate information. As a growing startup, we tried a few systems for human resources (HR) and finance until we found one that worked best for us. Sometimes that meant there was an overlap. An example of this is going to one HR system for paystubs and tax statements before a specific date and another system for the current day. We know this problem can be solved, and the answer is simplified search within KMS.

Mantium can help.

Here at Mantium, we are working on a system that would simplify companies’ access and use of their own information. By providing one tool that allows you to sync data into one location, the solution seeks to do away with the need for employees to go through many systems to find the information they need. This makes internal communication and decision-making inside the company more efficient and effective. Businesses may increase productivity and uncover the value of their internal knowledge with Mantium’s solution.

Mantium is changing how you approach search engines within KMS. With our AI platform, we want to bring organizations a search experience they don’t dread, one that actually finds the knowledge and answers users so desperately need. 


Justin Emrick
Immediately following high school, I proudly served in the military where I honed my skills in leadership, problem-solving, attention to detail and teamwork. After the military, I transitioned into the tech industry where I found a yearning for identifying problems and finding solutions. I am also passionate and have a strong belief that AI has the power to significantly and positively change people's lives. This led me to a career in Product management. In my current role at Mantium, I help devise strategy, develop product requirements, and oversee execution. In addition to my professional life, I am a father and family man who enjoys reading, video games and cooking.

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