Feature Update: Streamline Prompt Creation with Mantium

By Laura Scavo-Shin

July 18, 2022   ·   3 min read

With Mantium, our goal is to democratize AI, so you can quickly develop AI and then deploy an application that you, your friends, and your team can use to execute the AI on the web. And you can do all this with the click of a few buttons.

As many Mantium users know, ease of use is always top of mind as we make improvements and updates to the platform. Our team of developers has recently made it even easier to create prompts on the platform, a feature update we refer to internally as “no more scrolling.” 

What does this mean for me?

The newly rolled out prompt design showcases the essential prompt settings by abstracting away advanced prompt settings making it faster and easier than ever to create prompts. 

The visual layout of the prompt text and input text make it easier to visualize the prompt text’s static nature and the input text’s dynamic nature. The visual layout of the prompt text and input text makes it clearer to see the input text is appended and added to the end of the prompt text.

Democratize AI, easily develop and deploy your AI with Mantium.

As we mentioned, our goal is to democratize AI and make it as easy as possible to build an AI that benefits our users, their teams, organizations, and beyond. This feature update makes prompt creation effortless, creating a clean and efficient visual experience by keeping the important content above the fold, with no need to scroll. Ultimately, making AI creation a breeze.

Additional new updates:

  • Security features can apply to prompts during creation (no more jumping back to the security page to set up HITL) 
  •  Once you hit the test run, the different font colors clearly distinguish the inputs to the model (white font) vs. the outputs of the model (teal font).

What if I need more help with this feature?

We hope you enjoy our new features as much as we enjoy making them. 

Mantium is dedicated to leading innovation and democratizing AI so everyone can quickly build with AI. From AI-driven process automation to stringent safety and compliance settings, our complete platform provides the tools necessary to develop and manage robust, responsible AI applications at scale.

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Are you new to Mantium?

Join us on the journey to democratize AI and experience all that Mantium can offer, including:

  • AI templates – Pre-populated templates give you the ease of use you desire and a path to AI in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. 
  • Quick and efficient testing – Launch prototypes quickly and share the link to gain team buy-in and collaboration. 
  • Dedicated customer success team – As you might already know, we offer a world-class team of data scientists and NLP engineers to support your needs, from start to finish. 
  • All levels welcome – from dabbler to the AI enthusiast. Regardless of your AI skill set or level of expertise, we have the people and tools to support you in your AI journey. 

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Laura Scavo-Shin
Laura Scavo-Shin is a Content Manager at Mantium, where she oversees developing and curating content for marketing campaigns and activities. Laura enjoys writing and educating customers and prospects on AI and bringing Mantium’s offerings to the masses. Laura holds a Master's of Science in Marketing and a Bachelor's of Arts in Communication. In her free time, she loves traveling with her husband to their favorite beaches in Mexico, the islands of Hawaii, and the Caribbean, riding her Peloton, and loving on her dog Stella Wolf.

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