Easily Build and Deploy AI Applications With Mantium

By Laura Scavo-Shin

May 27, 2022   ·   3 min read
AI Manager

So you’ve been looking around at no-code AI platforms but you’re finding that using the AI you built requires code after all. This is a frustrating situation! With Mantium, you can easily develop AI and then deploy an application that you, your friends, and your team can use to execute the AI on the web. And you can do all this with the click of a few buttons.

In this blog, you will learn how to easily deploy AI applications, give access to other users, access other shared applications, and gain valuable insight from others on suggested improvements to your AI.

Share your AI application on the web

Once you have created your AI, Mantium enables sharing it using the One-Click Deploy feature. The feature is located in each prompt’s drawer view, or at the top right corner of the Edit Prompt page. Click on the AI you wish to share and then click Deploy.

Access all AI text and parameter settings from the AI Manager

The AI Manager page stores all the AIs you’ve developed and saved inside the platform. This is a handy way to organize the work you’ve done. Gone are the days where you had to store your prompt text and parameter settings in a Google or Word Doc. Not only does Mantium store it all inside the platform, but we also store your change history and logs of every single input and output of each AI.

AI Manager

If you haven’t already designed an AI, follow along with this tutorial on the Developer Docs to get started.

Add the following configuration settings to deploy the AI application:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Author Name
  • ✅ Add Input Field
  • ✅  Public
  • ✅  Live
  • ✅  I have followed my provider’s go live requirements

Get the AI application URL

Your new single-page application has a unique URL that you can share. Just be sure to set sharing to Public. Once it’s on the web, anyone can use it and interact with your AI.

AI application web page

Get feedback on your AI and watch the Logs

Follow these steps to get feedback on your AI:

  • Deploy your AI from the platform (described above). 
  • Share the link to the page on your social media.
  • Send the application page to your team members.

Observe in the Logs how people interact with your AI:

  • Inputs show how people interact with your AI.
  • You’ll see where your AI may have provided good/bad inputs.
  • Notice which inputs tripped your security policies.
  • Collect the raw JSON for debugging.

Community shared AI page

Deployed prototypes display on the community shared AI page, where everyone can interact with them and develop their creative inputs. This can teach you a lot about your prompts and help you design them optimally. Click the button below to see what others in the community created.

Shared AI application page

We have shown a couple of ways in which building functional and robust AI with Mantium is easy. Subscribe to our blog to see more!

We want to help you in your AI journey, so please reach out to us and let us know your thoughts and questions!


Laura Scavo-Shin
Laura Scavo-Shin is a Content Manager at Mantium, where she oversees developing and curating content for marketing campaigns and activities. Laura enjoys writing and educating customers and prospects on AI and bringing Mantium’s offerings to the masses. Laura holds a Master's of Science in Marketing and a Bachelor's of Arts in Communication. In her free time, she loves traveling with her husband to their favorite beaches in Mexico, the islands of Hawaii, and the Caribbean, riding her Peloton, and loving on her dog Stella Wolf.

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