Build an AI Chatbot for SMS Text Messaging

By Eric Dunne

April 21, 2022   ·   3 min read

Mantium released a new feature this week: The Twilio integration! With this integration, users can now send and receive messages with an AI via text and build an AI chatbot!

Mantium + Twilio

Twilio allows developers to build solutions with SMS, and Mantium offers a platform to develop AI powered applications. The two together make it possible to easily deliver AI conversations over SMS. Our new integration is the simplest Twilio integration on the market. You will be exchanging messages with your AI within a few minutes.

You don’t need to know Python or have any coding experience to build an AI chatbot. Just connect Twilio to Mantium and start communicating with your AI via SMS. It’s that simple! This is just one of many integrations with Mantium that allows you to easily expand the reach of your AI.

Large language models and GPT-3 technology

GPT-3, and other large language models, are capable of generating very coherent text. They are trained on a diverse set of information, which gives them the ability to converse on a wide range of topics. While fine tuning is necessary to produce a chatbot (or any language-based AI) that can generate text on very specific subject matter, large language models can produce text that looks much like a conversation with a human. This strength of large language models makes for a perfect AI chatbot!

For an example of what is capable with a GPT-3 enabled chatbot, take a look at this text exchange.

Test prototypes faster with SMS

Text messaging provides a simple way for Mantium users to test AI prototypes directly from their mobile devices. Mantium’s no-code, easy-to-use platform, improves your company’s collaboration abilities and this integration further enables your team. You and your collaborators can now test AI via a method everyone is familiar with: text messaging.

  • Give stakeholders easy access to testing prototypes.
  • Capture text messages and responses as logs.
  • Set character limits on your AI to control text message rates.

Build an AI chatbot for customers

It’s important for enterprises to offer a suite of solutions that engage customers at every step of their journey. Text messaging is one such option. With Mantium’s new Twilio integration, you can now configure your AI to accept input and deliver output via SMS (text message). This means that anyone can use the AI you build in the Mantium Platform right from their phones.

  • Allow text messages to be sent by your AI.
  • Communicate with customers in the most convenient way.
  • Build AI with no code required.
  • Get set up with AI and text messages in minutes.

Check out our tutorial

Our developer tutorial shows how to get this new integration set up in just a few minutes. Read this and other tutorials to learn about how Mantium can support your business and customers.

See how Mantium can improve business processes and help your customers.

We would love to show you how our platform can make your enterprise work smarter and faster than ever before. Contact us to learn more.


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