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Find answers easily and efficiently in your knowledge management system

Mantium’s AI platform promotes knowledge sharing and alignment within organizations helping teams work towards the same goals.

Remove the roadblocks to accessing knowledge within your organization’s community platforms.

With large distributed teams, a company’s knowledge management systems (KMS) are the key to collaborating and learning about processes, meetings, events, and more. With Mantium, we enable enterprises to quickly and easily find knowledge within KMS, using AI to return the best answers to questions.

A Platform Designed to Streamline Search and Information Discovery in Enterprise KMS.

Do you want to avoid sifting through outdated information in your company’s KMS? Do you struggle to find the answers you need as your company grows and becomes more complex? Mantium can help.

Synchronizing data

Make sure your Question Answering (QA) system has the most current data with our data synchronization scheduled at your discretion.

Human in the Loop icon

Human in the Loop (HITL)

If Mantium doesn’t have the answer to your question, your team can provide updated information, and the AI will improve for future instances.

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Improved search

With Mantium, you can search systems holistically, with Natural Language Processing (NLP), ensuring your team finds the information they need quickly.

Answers at your fingertips

With our Slackbot integration, you can ask a question on Slack, with no need to switch to a separate app to get the answers you need.

Data validation and pairing

Set up rules within Mantium around what type of information and data requires updates, pairing metadata for high-value questions, and make modifications as needed.

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Data preparation

The Mantium platform performs all of the complex cleansing, extractions, and transformations to ensure your data is usable for performing QA.

See what AI can do for you.

The entire strategy created by the Mantium team was well managed, communicated, and executed, with the outcomes being beyond our expectations. We are extremely pleased as the benefits of the Mantium platform have accelerated our timeline and plan by two years!

Larry Adams
CEO, Founder

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