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Chat with your data, securely.

Keep your sensitive data secure from bad actors, curious coworkers, and busybodies. It’s your data. You should decide who sees it and who doesn’t.

Harness the full potential of AI without the complexity. Connect your data to ChatGPT and transform it into a powerful tool that understands your business and helps you achieve more.

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Mantium’s commitment to security and privacy is backed by SOC 2 Type II Certification with an unwavering dedication to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

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Choose who sees what without sacrificing privacy, performance, or productivity.

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Search and scan vector databases for sensitive information with Chirps, our open source web application.

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Prompt Injection Mitigation

Prompt injection can be mitigated by employing several techniques. Learn how to make an application more resilient against such attacks.

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Use cases

Our no code solutions makes it easy to get quality, up-to-date data to language models like ChatGPT.

It’s the fastest, fully managed way to get your data ready for AI.

Use an app template

Just select a template, upload your files or use a connector, and deploy your app with a click of a button.

Follow a custom data flow

Upload your files or use a connector, create a dataset, transform your data, and then send it to a vector database or create an app

01. Select your data sources

Aggregate data from our ever growing list of connectors or upload CSV, TXT, PDF, or PY files to create your self syncing data sources; making sure that your datasets are current and returning the most recent information.

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02. Create a dataset

Select one or many data sources to create your dataset. And just like your data sources, datasets continuously sync so they are as up-to-date as the source data.

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03. Transform your data

No data is perfect. Luckily Mantium offers a plethora of ways to transform your data including column management, enrichments, prompt templates, and more.

Oh, and your transforms sync as well.

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04. Ship it to a vector database

Now that your dataset is how you want it, put it where you want it. Ship it along to Redis, Pinecone, use a webhook, or export as a CSV. It’s your data, sync it where you need it.

Ship the datasets to your databases, vector or otherwise, so you have your data wherever you need it.

Harness the power of LLMs with the security of Mantium.