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Transform raw data into unmatched insights.

Discover the next level of data-driven success with Mantium’s AI-enhanced platform that simplifies data integration, transformation, and analysis.

Mantium makes it easy to connect data to large language models, enabling seamless AI integration across industries.

The fastest way to get your data ready for AI.


Aggregate data from multiple places and sources into Aggregate Knowledge Vaults and make sure that the right people have the right access to the right information.


Create datasets for use in various scenarios while enabling transformation of the aggregated and synced data.


Our automated Simple Sync keeps you up to date with custom syncing schedules, making sure that your datasets are current and returning the most recent information.

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Ship the datasets to your databases, vector or otherwise, so you have your data wherever you need it.

The AI Data Pipeline

Transform your data

The Mantium platform simplifies transformation. Prompt templates, third party enrichments, summarization, and more are just a few clicks away.

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Add, delete, group, combine, summarize and more to build out a more robust dataset.


Add context to content that helps your AI deliver the right answers.


Create embeddings for your vector database in just a few clicks.

Get connected

Our suite of connectors easily integrate with the products you already use.

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