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Transform your files from the unknown to a wealth of knowledge.

Mantium’s AI platform provides a comprehensive view of data to identify and improve business opportunities including classification, enrichment, question and answering, text generation, search, summarization, and more.

Remove the roadblocks to get from data to insights.

Untapped data is untapped potential for marketers, data scientists, business executives, and other professionals. WIth Mantium, enterprises can unlock data from text, audio, websites, social platforms, and other unstructured sources gaining a competitive advantage to empower business decisions.

A Platform Designed for Every Step of Development

Mantium is all you need to build scalable artificial intelligence applications and automations for document processing and beyond. Automate tedious tasks without having to change your business processes or systems.


Mantium data enrichment can help you comprehensively view and search raw data in one platform. The Mantium platform can provide enrichment, analysis, and inference to create searchable content and structure where none previously existed.

Question and Answering

Most companies have thousands upon thousands of documents they’ve collected over time. Organizations and their customers need the ability to find the answers that live within documents. With Mantium’s Q&A capabilities, this is possible.

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The process of searching through heaps of data can consume time and brainpower and remove staff from strategic initiatives. With the Mantium platform search capabilities, enterprises can gain AI-powered search that will return only the necessary documents and information.


From formatting differences to file types, enterprises need solutions that support extraction from several file types. Take the guesswork out of determining which documents must go where and let the Mantium platform classify documents for you.

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Extract text from documents like handwriting or PDFs and then save it as a dataset. Automate processes for insurance claims, doctors’ notes, documentation, invoices, purchase orders, and more.

See what AI can do for you.

The entire strategy created by the Mantium team was well managed, communicated, and executed, with the outcomes being beyond our expectations. We are extremely pleased as the benefits of the Mantium platform have accelerated our timeline and plan by two years!

Larry Adams
CEO, Founder

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