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Interact with your data, securely.

Leverage the power of generative AI on your internal data – and do so securely without the prying eyes of curious coworkers, busybodies, and bad actors.

Harness the full potential of AI without the complexity. Connect your data to ChatGPT and transform it into a powerful tool that understands your business and helps you achieve more.

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Mantium Chat gives specialized, specific answers using your data in a secure, permission-based interface so only the right people see the right information.
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Mantium Chat has the features you need including topical channels with built in permissions, chat history, and supporting content to uncover where an answer came from.

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Securing your data is our #1 priority. Backed by SOC 2 Type II Certification with an unwavering dedication to privacy, availability, and processing integrity – you can interact easily knowing your data is secure.

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Knowledge Vaults

Select who views what without compromising on privacy, efficiency, or productivity.
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With guardrails – you decide what Mantium can and can’t talk about so it stays on topic and out of unrelated issues.
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Search and scan vector databases for sensitive information with Chirps, our open source web application.
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Securing Next Generation AI Deployments

Get an overview of the Generative AI landscape, highlights emerging risks, and suggests solutions for under-addressed challenges in developing next-generation Generative AI systems.

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Use cases

Our fully managed, no code solution is the fastest, most secure way to prep your data for AI.

Get quality, up-to-date data to power language models like ChatGPT, PaLM, Anthropic, or whatever solution you prefer.

Use an app template

Just select a template, upload your files or use a connector, and deploy your app with a click of a button.

Follow a custom data flow

Upload your files or use a connector, create a dataset, transform your data, and then send it to a vector database or create an app

Harness the power of LLMs with the security of Mantium.